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Now you can download reference images of your favourite puzzles!

Go to the Puzzle Gallery page here or search our catalogue to locate and download puzzles by theme, artist or product number. Adobe reader may be required.

We understand the frustration that arises when a puzzle piece goes missing. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer individual replacement puzzle pieces for jigsaw puzzles due to several contributing factors. These factors include the possibility of slight colour variations during the printing process and the periodic changes to our puzzle cutters throughout each production run. As a result, we cannot guarantee identical puzzle pieces in terms of size, fit, and colour. We sincerely apologize we are unable to provide individual puzzle piece replacements.

For further assistance, we kindly ask you to contact our customer support team. They will assess if any alternative solutions can be offered. When reaching out to us, please provide the item number, photo and product description, place and date of purchase, as well as your name, address, and contact number.

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You can find instruction guides here or under each product page or search our catalogue to locate and download instruction guides by brand, item description or product number. Adobe reader may be required.

Mega Mats and Gelli Mats are both wonderful choices when it comes to play mats and play gyms! They allow children to explore and play safely.
Mega mats are specially designed from dense foam and perfect for bedrooms, and playrooms. Each are designed with your child’s favourite characters for endless adventure and imagination!
Gelli Mats are our deluxe play mats and come in a variety of styles perfect for newborns and toddlers! We also offer a Luxury mat made with memory foam making it 2.5x thicker and softer. It offers more protection and shock absorption than other play mats.