Puzzling Made EZ™ Deluxe Felt Rollup

Puzzling Made EZ™

Make it! Roll it! Store it! This is Puzzling Made EZ. Made with durable neoprene that is non-slip and easy to grip, this is the perfect way to store and enjoy puzzles as large as 1500 pieces.

Simply lay out the mat on any flat surface and begin piecing together your puzzle.

Not enough time to finish the puzzle? Roll it up and secure it with the enclosed velcro fasteners.


  • Made with durable neoprene
  • Non-slip mat stays in place on any surface
  • Pause and resume your puzzle at any time
  • Simple Velcro fasteners hold the rolled mat in place for compact storage
  • Holds up to 1500 pieces


  • RollUp neoprene mat
  • 4 rolling tubes
  • 4 Velcro fasteners

Item: 90020

Age: 12+

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Puzzling Made EZ™ Deluxe Felt Rollup